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A short story about earlier

Article about our kennel in the VDOM Newsletter 27

For 30 years Afghan Hounds are a part of my life. Photo’s of among others Ineke, Juno, Wladimir and Nabob van de Oranje Manege appeal to me highly.

Katta and Vikariem van de Oranje Manege, Hedon el Kharaman, Fharista Ben Mazar I Sharif, Sirokko von Katwiga, just a few dogs which I have seen by life, are still burned in my mind. Their movement, the power the backhand shows and the .. forehand were in ful harmony.

The compact quadratique built, the big feet and the unmistakable characteristique head with a dark, triangular eye.

All of this together is the Afghan Hound in my opinion. That is where I want to share my life with.

Fifteen years ago I met Ron. For Ron it was his first acquaintance with the Afghan Hound. The beautiful Ashra el Kharaman, daughter of Hedon el Kharaman. Zaracca Zhara van het Martinihaim, son of Wadai von Katwiga and Boezkasji el Shamoon, son of Emir Pachacumac. His interest was awake.
More and more he got lose in the origin, descent and standard. In short, the Afghan Hound. For hours we discussed about what in our opinion is beautiful and less beautiful. Little by little Ron gathered a thought about the Afghan Hound, which not differs much from mine.

In 1992 we got acquainted with Walter and Rita Urlaub and their Nausikaa’s Afghan Hounds. Rita trusted us with Nausikaa’s Vitasyl. He grew up a worthy Champion. With his particular, beautiful topline and brilliant head, he charmed many judges. He quickly became German Beauty and VDH Champion.

Nausikaa’s Vitasyl is a dog who highly appeals to our breeding thoughts.

The interest and enthousiasm for the show stirred up. Nausikaa’s Xibulu achieved a beautiful youth title in Germany: Verbandsjugendsieger 1998.

With Nausikaa’s Zindehsjah we are still on the run. He already achieved some CAC’s and reserve CAC’s.

Zindehsjah gave us our kennelname. In our eyes Zindehsjah embodies, through his colour, compact appearance and fabulous beautiful head with a dark triangular eye, the soul of our kennel. Zindehsjah means as much as ‘Ruling King’.

"What a mercy that we could breed our first litter with Nausikaa's Yamuna. 

Nausikaa’s Yamuna, black, ideal topline, long neck with a proud carried head, long legs and a breathtaking movement. Always full in coat, well humoured and tempered.

What a mercy that we could breed our first litter with her. Therefor we are still greatful to Rita Urlaub.

Together with Rita (she bred 26 litters with more than 30 champions) we looked for a fitting dog for Yamuna. Which we found in Saïd el Jafistan. A highly typical, darkred male. In his descents on mothers side the beautiful Hanefa el Jafistan and Nausikaa’s Landishu. On fathers side a full Katwiga. Together with Yamuna, who has Nausikaa’s Tiamora as a mother (a full Nausikaa’s descent) and Uday Gandamak as a father. In our eyes a beautiful combination.

Three bitches and two dogs were born. Zindehsjah’s Asya got a good home at Irmgard Reshel in Germany. We also kept her in our own possession, so that possibly in the future she can provide our kennel with her progeny.

Arkati lives with the enthousiastic family Mulder. We can proudly announce that he achieved the first prestigious title for our kennel. He became Youth Winner 2004 in Amsterdam.

Aaliyah-Almaz lives in Brabant. Abayomi and Almaaz stayed with us, together with Chiara and Cara Cajoum they make the ‘Lierhand’ unsafe.

Nausikaa's Yamuna

Chiara and Cara Cajoum came to us in 2003. They are children of Yaboon von Katwiga and Milouka Voyva Fatinat Al Sjark.

Yaboon is a dog that fascinated us from his first appearance at the Clubmatch in Rotterdam. Later at a Clubmatch in Lelystad, in the pouring rain, he contested for BOB. Through his wet coat you could see his beautiful body. After many rounds his movement stayed phenomenal. This together with his attitude is unforgettable.

Milouka is a bitch which not has been shown a lot. Luckily her beauty attracted our attention as well as the Nausikaa blood in her genes. From mothers side through Saïd el Jafistan and Nausikaa’s Rih. Her father is the beautiful Popovs Sundance Kid, who proved himself at shows and as a stud. Harriet van Itallie is the breeder. We are thankful, that she trusted us with these two.

"As Eta once advised: ‘Let your Afghan go through a lot, only then they show to full advantage and will be content’. We assent to this highly.  

We take them at the bike through the polder, where they search the landered estates with a long neck and piercing eyes. No hare escape their eyes. They join us for long walks through dunes and along the beach.

Regularly they are allowed to chase an artificial hare on the rencourt. Sometimes they can be seen on shows. Preferably on open air shows in Holland or Germany. In the evening they lay sleeping satisfied on the couch or at our feet.

These dogs should be the basis for the Zindehsjah’s Afghan Hounds of the future.

Chiara El-Shariat

With Chiara, an oldfashioned, compact bitch, we are planning to breed our second litter. In our eyes she embodies the, to preserve, ‘old type’. A working dog to the backbone.

To achieve a title is nice, but not our main goal. We aspire to breed Afghan Hounds which approach the standard as close as possible.

Our opinion is that the inheritance of Eta Pauptit left us, should be mainained. To realize our goal, we will proceed critically and besides that we will not ignore ‘other’ bloodlines definitely.

We don’t see the future without sorrow. Increasingly we see judges and breeders, who aim for the so called ‘Showafghan’. And therefore find the characteristic qualities, which are so essential, less important.

We hope that one come to sense in time, that the original Afghan Hound should not be lost. And that there will rise breeders and judges who want to see the original Afghan Hound as he was and should be. ‘The King of Dogs’.

Jan Ammerlaan and Ron Moerkerken
De Lier, Netherlands 2007