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On the 30th of July 2003 Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna was bred to Ch. Saïd el Jafistan. Our A-litter was born on the 27th of September 2003. 2 boys and 3 girls in colors black and red with black mask.

With this wonderful combination we started our own breed. The Ghaznityp in good Condition, well presented and bred as close as possible to the Standard. 'Zindehsjah's Afghan Hounds of original Beauty'


Saïd el Jafistan


Nausikaa's Yamuna


Ch. Said el Jafistan Ch. Merlin von Katwiga Ch. Isaak von Katwiga Faud Sibt el Rih
Teda von Katwiga
Ch. Akari von Katwiga Ch. Ursus von Katwiga
Ch. Karkati Sari von Katwiga
Ch. Nevada el Jafistan Ch. Nausikaa's Landishu Ch. Nausikaa's Icalim
Ch. Nausikaa's Fee-Peri-Banu
Ch. Hanefa el Jafistan Ch. Kyros von Katwiga
Ch. Ursa von Katwiga
Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna Ch. Uday Gandamak Ch. Windsurf's Brutus Ch. El Khyrias Endoardoh
Ch. Cazibe
Ch. Korzika Gandamak Ch. Risa Chan's Imgur
Esme Gandamak
Ch. Nausikaa's Tiamora Ch. Nausikaa's Odin Ch. Nausikaa's Kysyl
Ch. Nausikaa's Goa
Ch. Nausikaa's Lyndi Ch. Nausikaa's Icalim
Ch. Nausikaa's Fee-Peri-Banu