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On the 21st of February 2007 Ch. Chiara el Shariat has been bred to Zindehsjah's Almaaz.
Our C-litter is born on the 29th of April. 1 Male and 6 Bitches in colors Black and Red with black mask.


Zindehsjah's Almaaz


Chiara El-Shariat


Zindehsjah's Almaaz Ch. Saïd el Jafistan Ch. Merlin von Katwiga Ch. Isaak von Katwiga
Ch. Akari von Katwiga
Ch. Nevada el Jafistan Ch. Nausikaa's Landishu
Ch. Hanefa el Jafistan
Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna Ch. Uday Gandamak Ch. Windsurf's Brutus
Ch. Korzika Gandamak
Ch. Nausikaa's Tiamora Ch. Nausikaa's Odin
Ch. Nausikaa's Lyndi
Ch. Chiara el Shariat Ch. Yaboon von Katwiga Ch. Raqqas von Katwiga Ch. Jarak Qumran el Chamhyr
Ch. Burundi von Katwiga
Ch. Mayami von Katwiga Ch. Isaak von Katwiga
 Ch. Akari von Katwiga
Milouka Voyva Fatinat Al Sjark Ch. Popovs Sundance Kid Ch. Psobadja Y-Shirvan
Ch. Tinkerbell el Saghir
Laitin Apsa Fatinat Al Sjark Ch. Saïd el Jafistan
Hamidé Arwen Fatinat Al Sjark