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On the 10th of October Ch. Zindehsjah's Asya has been bred to Ch. Lazim von Katwiga. Our E-litter is born on the 4th of December. 2 boys and 2 girls in colors red with black mask.


Lazim von Katwiga


Zindehsjah's Asya

International Champion for Beauty & Performance, International Champion, Danish Champion, Dutch Champion, German Beauty Champion DWZRV, German Champion VDH, Belgian Veteran Champion, Dutch Veteran Champion, German Veteran Champion DWZRV, German Veteran Champion VDH, DWZRV Veteran Verbandssiegerin 2015, VDH Veteran European Winster 2014, VDH Veteran Bundessiegerin 2014, Europasiegerin 2012, Bundessiegerin 2008, Landessiegerin Nordrhein Westfalen 2013, Landessieger Rheinland 2008, Landessieger Baden Kurpfalz 2006, Landessieger Niedersachsen/Sachsen Anhalt 2005, Number 1 Afghan Hound Female 2005 in Germany according to Afghanen.de


Ch. Lazim von Katwiga Ch. Qashun el Banjas Ch. Verdi von Katwiga Ch. Nausikaa's Landishu
Ch. Mayami von Katwiga
Ch. Ushea von Katwiga Ch. Nycasis el Jafistan
Ch. Mamnounah von Katwiga
Ch. Gaya von Katwiga Ch. Izmar Judgement Day Ch. Izmar Tragband Finnegan
Ch. Tejas Conquistador
Ch. Xeta von Katwiga Ch. Merlin von Katwiga
Ch. Parwati von Katwiga
Ch. Zindehsjah's Asya Ch. Said el Jafistan Ch. Merlin von Katwiga Ch. Isaak von Katwiga
Ch. Akari von Katwiga
Ch. Nevada el Jafistan Ch. Nausikaa's Landishu
Ch. Hanefa el Jafistan
Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna Ch. Uday Gandamak Ch. Windsurf's Brutus
Ch. Korzika Gandamak
Ch. Nausikaa's Tiamora Ch. Nausikaa's Odin
Ch. Nausikaa's Lyndi