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On the 10th and 11th of April Ch. Zindehsjah's Belah has been bred to Ch. Lazim von Katwiga. Our F-litter is born on the 11th of June.


Lazim von Katwiga


Zindehsjah's Belah


Ch. Lazim von Katwiga Ch. Qashun el Banjas Ch. Verdi von Katwiga Ch. Nausikaa's Landishu
Ch. Mayami von Katwiga
Ch. Ushea von Katwiga Ch. Nycasis el Jafistan
Ch. Mamnounah von Katwiga
Ch. Gaya von Katwiga Ch. Izmar Judgement Day Ch. Izmar Tragband Finnegan
Ch. Tejas Conquistador
Ch. Xeta von Katwiga Ch. Merlin von Katwiga
Ch. Parwati von Katwiga
Ch. Zindehsjah's Belah Ch. Bhelos-Khan Rasath el Mahar Ch. El Dalgha Kihran's Fahid Shael Ch. Nausikaas Landishu
Ch. El Dalgha Kihran's Ashiraa-Dewi
Ch. Kinshasa von den Black Devils Ch. Gatsby von der Cihole
Ch. Inshalla von den Black Devils
Ch. Zindehsjah's Asya Ch. Said el Jafistan Ch. Merlin von Katwiga
Ch. Nevada el Jafistan
Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna Ch. Uday Gandamak
Ch. Nausikaa's Tiamora