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Every farewell is the birth of a memory

An empty spot
A great loss
A beautiful memory is all
there is left.


The ones we miss...

Zindehsjah's Damayanti

(Elhabib Al Ghazi x Chiara El-Shariat)
NHSB 2717578
Born: 24-8-2008 - Died: 31-5-2020

Always in the background, but yet so present because of your wonderful character.

Zindehsjah's Abayomi

(Ch. Saïd el Jafistan x Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna)
NHSB 2447255
Born: 27-09-2003 - died: 28-08-2018

Our black princess. Abayomi means 'Born to bring Joy and Hapiness'. That is exactly what she did for almost 15 years.

Zindehsjah's Almaaz

(Ch. Saïd el Jafistan x Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna)
NHSB 2447354
Born: 23-9-2003 - Died: 19-7-2016

Our beloved Almaaz, Father of our C -litter will live on through his Children.

Ch. Chiara El-Shariat

(Ch. Yaboon von Katwiga x Milouka Voyva Fatinat Al Sjark
NHSB 2447354
Born: 4-4-2003 - Died:

Our beloved Chiara, Mother of our C and D-litter will live on through her Children.

Nausikaa's Zindehsjah

(Nausikaa's Yucatan x Nausikaa's Uzcaty)
NHSB 2350622
Born: 16-1-2000 - Died: 21-7-2011

You left us so unexpected. Our first black. Unforgettable in character and presence.

Ch. Nausikaa's Yamuna

(Uday Gandamak x Nausikaa's Tiamora)
NHSB 2474893
Born: 27-1-1998 - Died: 19-4-2011

Co-owner and Breeder: Rita Urlaub (Nausikaa's Afghanen)

The Mother of our A-litter and Grandmother 'Muna' has died at the age of 13.
She will live on through her Children and grandchildren.

SBIS MCh. Cara Cajoum El Shariat

(Ch. Yaboon von Katwiga x Milouka Voyva Fatinat Al Sjark)
NHSB 2447252
Born: 4-4-2003 - Died: 7-2-2011

The King has died. Long live the King!

Ch. Nausikaa's Vitasyl

(Nausikaa's Rahim x Nausikaa's Payena)
NHSB 1950653
Born: 26-5-1994 - Died 14-2-2007

Our first common Puppy, our first Champion.
He sure was special, a King of dogs.
He brought us to many places and through him we met a lot of people.
On Valentine's Day 'Vito' left us for good. We will miss him.

Zindehsjah's Badin

(Bhelos Khan Rasath el Mahar x Zindehsjah's Asya)
NHSB 2603525
Born: 3-4-2006 - Died: 26-10-2006

Much too young to die!

Nausikaa's Xibulu

(Nausikaa's Wild Black Dream x Nausikaa's Persia)
NHSB 2075041
Born: 13-4-1997 - Died: 28-2-2005

Ashra el Kharaman

(Hedon el Kharaman x Kirja el Muluk)
NHSB 1477632
Born: 12-1-1986 - Died: 03-1998

Kirja el Muluk

(Gazal Castra Bonensis x Ici Micky el Muluk)
NHSB 1199014
Born: 13-7-1981 - Died: 12-11-1991

Zaracca Zhara van het Martinihaim

(Wadai von Katwiga x Faiza Shireza van het Martinihaim
NHSB 1106898
Born: 9-2-1980 - Died: 21-4-1991

Boezkasji el Shamoon

(Emir Pachacumac x Ghani Dosja van het Martinihaim)
NHSB 1083157
Born: 5-11-1979 - Died: 4-1994

Alranie el Shamoon

(Ghani Rudbar van het Martinihaim x Ellah Taiwara van het Martinihaim)
NHSB 1029828
Born: 3-9-1978 - Died: 07-1992